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visual US English

Of or relating to seeing or sight

visual US Thesaurus

visual defects

visual aid US English

An item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily

visual ray US English

An imaginary line representing the path of light from an object to the eye

visual acuity US English

Sharpness of vision, measured by the ability to discern letters or numbers at a given distance according to a fixed standard

visual angle US English

The angle formed at the eye by rays from the extremities of an object viewed

visual binary US English

A binary star of which the components are sufficiently far apart to be resolved by an optical telescope

visual cortex US English

The part of the cerebral cortex that receives and processes sensory nerve impulses from the eyes

visual field US English

Another term for field of vision.

visual purple US English

Another term for rhodopsin.

visual agnosia US English

A condition in which a person can see but cannot recognize or interpret visual information, due to a disorder in the parietal lobes

visual display unit US English

A device for displaying input signals as characters on a screen

audiovisual US English

Using both sight and sound, typically in the form of slides or video and recorded speech or music