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wall US English

A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land

wall US Thesaurus

brick walls

body wall US English

The external surface of an animal body that encloses the body cavity and consists of ectoderm and mesoderm

cell wall US English

A rigid layer of polysaccharides lying outside the plasma membrane of the cells of plants, fungi, and bacteria. In the algae and higher plants, it consists mainly of cellulose

eye wall US English

The area immediately outside the eye of a hurricane or cyclone, associated with tall clouds, heavy rainfall, and high winds

face wall US English

The (or a) wall of a structure or building that faces out; specifically the front wall.

hot wall US English

A wall containing built-in flues to warm it and so assist in ripening the fruit of trees trained against it.

mud wall US English

A wall made of earth or clay, or with clay as a substitute for mortar.

Néel wall US English

A domain boundary in a thin layer of magnetic material across which the spin directions change orientation in the plane of the layer.

pack wall US English

A pack in the form of a wall.

rib wall US English

A rib forming the side wall of a working.

ring wall US English

A wall completely surrounding or encircling a certain area.

rock wall US English

A wall or vertical surface made of rock, especially a rock face.

sea wall US English

A wall or embankment erected to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land

stud wall US English

An interior wall consisting of a frame of upright timbers to which laths and plasterboard are attached

town wall US English

The wall surrounding (or formerly surrounding) a town.

wall bar US English

One of a set of parallel horizontal bars attached to the wall of a gymnasium, on which exercises are performed

wall game US English

(In the UK) an early form of football played traditionally at Eton College, in which, in a series of scrimmages, players attempt to take the ball past the opposing team while keeping the ball against a wall

wall-hung US English

Another term for wall-mounted.

wall knot US English

A knot made at the end of a rope by intertwining strands to prevent unraveling or act as a stopper

wall pass US English

A short pass to a teammate who immediately returns it

wall plug US English

A fibre or plastic dowel inserted into a drilled hole to provide a gripping base for a screw

wall rock US English

The rock adjacent to or enclosing a vein, hydrothermal ore deposit, fault, or other geological feature

wall rue US English

A small delicate spleenwort (fern) that resembles rue, growing on walls and rocks in both Europe and North America and sensitive to atmospheric pollution

wall tent US English

A tent with nearly perpendicular sides

wall unit US English

A piece of furniture having various sections, typically shelves and cabinets, designed to stand against a wall

wall walk US English

A footway along the top of a wall of a fortified building, town, etc., typically behind the battlements; a parapet walk.

wall-to-wall US English

(Of a carpet or other floor covering) fitted to cover an entire floor

Berlin Wall US English

A fortified and heavily guarded wall built on the boundary between East and West Berlin in 1961 by the communist authorities, chiefly to curb the flow of East Germans to the West. It was opened in November 1989 after the collapse of the communist regime in East Germany and subsequently was dismantled

cavity wall US English

A wall formed from two thicknesses of masonry with a space between them

fourth wall US English

The space that separates a performer or performance from an audience

middle wall US English

A partition wall, a dividing wall; frequently figurative, especially in middle wall of partition.

mirror-wall US English

A wall entirely covered with a mirror or mirrors.

panel wall US English

Coal Mining rare a wall of unmined coal separating two panels in a mine.

parpen wall US English

A wall built of parpen stones; (hence) a wall one brick thick; any thin wall, especially an internal wall or partition. Also (Scottish): a parapet wall, especially of a bridge.

party wall US English

A wall common to two adjoining buildings or rooms

Picts' wall US English

Hadrian's Wall.

pillar wall US English

The wall or face of a pillar.

prayer wall US English

(Especially in Tibet) a wall on which prayers are inscribed.

river wall US English

A wall at the edge of a river, especially one forming the boundary of the river, built to contain or direct the flow of water.

Roman Wall US English

(With the) Hadrian's Wall; (also occasionally) the Antonine Wall.

wall brown US English

A brown Eurasian butterfly with orange markings on the wings, which breeds on grasses

wall chart US English

A chart or poster designed for display on a wall as a teaching aid or source of information

wall cress US English

Another term for arabis.

wall lizard US English

A small brownish-grey Eurasian lizard which typically has black and white bars on the tail, frequently seen on walls and rocks

wall plate US English

A piece of lumber laid horizontally in or on a wall as a support for a girder, rafter, or joist

wall pocket US English

A receptacle for small household items, designed to hang on a wall

wall rocket US English

A yellow-flowered European plant that resembles mustard and emits a foul smell when crushed

wall space US English

Space on the surface of an interior wall, regarded as an area for displaying pictures or similar items

Wall Street US English

A street at the south end of Manhattan in New York City, where the New York Stock Exchange and other leading US financial institutions are located

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