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well1 US English

In a good or satisfactory way

well2 US English

A shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil, or gas

well1 US Thesaurus

he behaves well

well2 US Thesaurus

she drew water from the well

pretty much US English

Very nearly

up on US English

Well informed about

we'll US English

We shall; we will

ja well US English

Used as an expression of embarrassment, apology, or world-weariness

oh well US English

Used to express resignation

as well US English

In addition; too

damn well US English

Used to emphasize a statement, especially when the speaker is angry

dry well US English

A shaft or chamber constructed in the ground in order to aid drainage, sometimes containing pumping equipment

mean well US English

Have good intentions, but not always the ability to carry them out

oil well US English

A well or shaft drilled through rock, from which petroleum is drawn

tube well US English

Another term for sand point well.

very well US English

Used to express agreement or consent

well born US English

From a noble or wealthy family

well bred US English

Having or showing good breeding or manners

well cut US English

(Especially of clothes) skilfully made

well deck US English

An open space on the main deck of a ship, lying at a lower level between the forecastle and poop

well done US English

(Of a task or undertaking) carried out successfully or satisfactorily

well fed US English

Having good meals regularly

well hung US English

(Of a man) having large genitals

well kept US English

(Especially of property) kept clean, tidy, and in good condition

well knit US English

(Of a person or animal) strongly and compactly built

well made US English

Strongly or skillfully constructed

well-off US English


well paid US English

Earning or providing good pay

well read US English

(Of a person) knowledgeable and informed as a result of extensive reading

well set US English

(Of a construction) firmly established; solidly fixed or arranged

well used US English

Much used

well worn US English

Showing the signs of extensive use or wear

well bred US Thesaurus

a well-bred youngster such as yourself should not be cavorting with people of their station

well-nigh US Thesaurus

enforcing the recycling ordinance is well-nigh impossible

well off US Thesaurus

her family's very well off

well read US Thesaurus

a well-read history professor

jolly well US English

Used for emphasis, especially when one is angry or irritated

light well US English

An open area or vertical shaft in the center of a building, typically roofed with glass, bringing natural light to the lower floors or basement

well enough US English

To a reasonable degree

well worth US English

Certainly worth

well aware US English

Having full knowledge of a situation or fact

well-being US English

The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy

well built US English

(Of a person) large and strong

well chosen US English

Carefully selected, especially for a particular effect

well earned US English

Fully merited or deserved

well formed US English

Correctly or attractively proportioned or shaped

well found US English

(Chiefly of a boat) well equipped and maintained

well house US English

A small building or room enclosing a well and its apparatus

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