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well1 US English

In a good or satisfactory way

well2 US English

A shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil, or gas

pretty much US English

Very nearly

up on US English

Well informed about

we'll US English

We shall; we will

well1 US Thesaurus

he behaves well

well2 US Thesaurus

she drew water from the well

ja well US English

Used as an expression of embarrassment, apology, or world-weariness

oh well US English

Used to express resignation

as well US English

In addition; too

well in US English

In the position of having established a good relationship with someone; on good terms.

damn well US English

Used to emphasize a statement, especially when the speaker is angry

dry well US English

A shaft or chamber constructed in the ground in order to aid drainage, sometimes containing pumping equipment

edge well US English

An oil or gas well situated near the edge of a drilling field.

gas well US English

A well or shaft drilled into rock strata, from which natural gas is obtained.

hot well US English

A spring of naturally hot water; = hot spring.

mean well US English

Have good intentions, but not always the ability to carry them out

oil well US English

A well or shaft drilled through rock, from which petroleum is drawn

pump well US English

A well having a pump combined with it, a well fitted with a pump.

rag-well US English

A well at which rags are hung for ritual or superstitious purposes.

tube well US English

Another term for sand point well.

very well US English

Used to express agreement or consent

well-aged US English

Advanced in years, of a good age.

well beam US English

The beam or roller over which the rope of a well bucket runs.

well-boat US English

A fishing boat provided with a well or tank for the storage and transport of live fish.

well born US English

From a noble or wealthy family

well bred US English

Having or showing good breeding or manners

well-clad US English

Elegantly, properly, or warmly clothed or covered.

well-curb US English

A frame or masonry border round the mouth of a well.

well cut US English

(Especially of clothes) skilfully made

well day US English

(Also hyphenated) a day on which one is free from sickness, especially from an attack of an intermittent disorder.

well deck US English

An open space on the main deck of a ship, lying at a lower level between the forecastle and poop

well-dish US English

A meat dish with a depression at one end as a receptacle for gravy.

well-doer US English

A person who helps others by performing good deeds; a benefactor, a philanthropist.

well done US English

(Of a task or undertaking) carried out successfully or satisfactorily

well drag US English

A three-pronged or clawed hook for recovering a objects or debris from a well.

well-eye US English

A spot in a bog where a spring rises to the surface; a small pool of spring-water; (figurative) a source.

well-eyed US English

Keen-sighted; alert and watchful.

well fed US English

Having good meals regularly

well-feed US English

Of a lawyer or doctor: receiving a substantial fee; well-paid.

well-girt US English

Firmly encircled or secured by a girdle or a girth. Hence of a person: braced or prepared for physical activity; fit, active; compare gird.

well-god US English

A god believed to be the guardian of a well.

well-hewn US English

Skilfully or finely hewn.

well hole US English

An opening through a floor or series of floors, especially one into which a staircase, chimney stack, etc., may be installed, or one which admits light.

well hook US English

A clawed hook for recovering objects or debris from a well.

well-hued US English

Having a strong, deep, or healthy colour (literal and figurative); vivid.

well hung US English

(Of a man) having large genitals

well-kent US English

Well-known, familiar.

well kept US English

(Especially of property) kept clean, tidy, and in good condition

well kerb US English

= well-curb.

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