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wing US English

Any of a number of specialized paired appendages that enable some animals to fly, in particular

wing US Thesaurus

a bird's wings

all-wing US English

An aeroplane in which the entire structure forms a single wing (without a fuselage or empennage).

blue-wing US English

(More fully blue-wing teal) the blue-winged teal, Anas discors, of North America.

gull wing US English

(Of a door on a car or aircraft) opening upward

hind wing US English

Either of the two back wings of a four-winged insect

hot wing US English

Aeronautics an anti-icing system in which hot exhaust from the engine is fed through channels along the leading edge of the aircraft wing; frequently attributive.

left wing US English

The liberal, socialist, or radical section of a political party or system

moth-wing US English

The wing of a moth. Originally allusively with reference to something fragile or evanescent, or to someone drawn to temptation.

ogee wing US English

A wing whose outline is an ogee (used on some supersonic aircraft).

owl's wing US English

Attributive shaped like, or made from, an owl's wing.

ram-wing US English

A wing-like structure on an air-cushion vehicle which generates lift by means of a ram effect, compressing the air between itself and the surface over which it moves.

West Wing US English

The western wing of the White House, where the offices of the U.S. President are located; (by metonymy) the U.S. President or administration.

take wing US English

(Of a bird, insect, or other winged creature) fly away

wing case US English

Each of a pair of modified toughened forewings that cover the functional wings in certain insects, especially an elytron of a beetle

wing chun US English

A simplified form of kung fu used as a system of self-defence

wing dam US English

A dam or barrier built into a stream to deflect the current

wing half US English

A half back positioned towards the right or left side of the field

wing nut US English

A nut with a pair of projections for the fingers to screw it on

wing sail US English

A rigid or semirigid structure similar to an aircraft wing fixed vertically on a boat to provide thrust from the action of the wind

wing tip US English

The tip of the wing of an aircraft, bird, or other animal

left-wing US Thesaurus

the committee's left-wing policies

delta wing US English

A single triangular swept-back wing on some aircraft, typically military aircraft

dusky wing US English

A small, dark-winged butterfly of the skipper family, found in North America

fairy wing US English

(Usually in plural) a fairy's wing; also in extended use, especially in poetic contexts; (also) an item of costume or fancy dress resembling the traditional depiction of fairies' wings.

fixed-wing US English

Denoting aircraft of the conventional type as opposed to those with rotating wings, such as helicopters

flying wing US English

An aircraft with little or no fuselage and no vertical airfoil

liver wing US English

The right wing of a fowl, etc., which, when dressed for cooking, has the liver tucked under it; (hence humorously) the right arm of a person.

pigeon wing US English

Hairdressing. A hairstyle or type of wig fashionable with men towards the end of the 18th cent., in which the side hair is brushed or curled into a roll above the ear; a lock of hair rolled or brushed out in this manner. Frequently attributive Now historical.

pigeon-wing US English

And with object To dance a pigeon wing; to teach, or encourage (a person) to dance a pigeon wing. Also occasionally refl.: to move by or as if dancing pigeon wings.

right wing US English

The conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system

rotary wing US English

An airfoil that rotates in an approximately horizontal plane, providing all or most of the lift in a helicopter or autogiro

rough-wing US English

Any of various small moths of the genera Acleris and Phtheochroa (family Tortricidae) which have a fringe of long scales on the edge of the wing (now rare); also rough-wing tortrix.

swept-wing US English

(Of an aircraft) having swept-back wings

swing-wing US English

An aircraft wing that can move from a right-angled to a swept-back position

wing chair US English

A high-backed armchair with side pieces projecting from the back, originally in order to protect the sitter from drafts

wing collar US English

A high stiff shirt collar with turned-down corners

wing covert US English

(In a bird’s wing) each of the smaller feathers covering the bases of the flight feathers

wing fence US English

A fence erected to guide livestock into a yard

wing mirror US English

A rear-view mirror projecting from the side of a motor vehicle

wing oyster US English

An edible marine bivalve mollusk with a fragile flattened shell, the hinge of which bears winglike projections

bastard wing US English

A group of small quill feathers on the first digit of a bird’s wing

profile wing US English

A flat piece of scenery placed at the side of a stage.

training wing US English

The division of an organization (especially a military one) which provides training to its members; the part of a building where this division is situated or where training takes place.

wing shooting US English

The shooting of birds in flight

wing walking US English

Acrobatic stunts performed on the wings of an airborne aircraft as a public entertainment

grey-goose wing US English

= grey-goose shaft.

on the wing US English

(Of a bird) in flight

wing commander US English

A rank of officer in the RAF, above squadron leader and below group captain

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