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work US English

Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result

-work US English

Denoting things or parts made of a specified material or with specified tools

work US Thesaurus

a day's work in the fields

at work US English

Engaged in work

work to US English

Follow or operate within the constraints of (a plan or system)

cold-work US English

Shape (metal) while it is cold

hack work US English

Dull, unoriginal writing

hard work US English

A great deal of effort or endurance

line work US English

Drawings or designs carried out with a pen or pencil, as opposed to wash or similar techniques

live-work US English

Denoting or relating to property that combines residential living space with commercial or manufacturing space

make-work US English

Denoting an activity that serves mainly to keep someone busy and is of little value in itself

nice work US English

Expressing approval of a task well done

part-work US English

A publication appearing in several parts over a period of time

scut work US English

Tedious, menial work

warm work US English

Physical action that makes one warm through exertion

wool work US English

Needlework executed in wool on a canvas foundation

work out US English

(Of an equation) be capable of being solved

work camp US English

A camp at which community work is done, especially by young volunteers

work rate US English

The rate at which work is done

work-shy US English

(Of a person) lazy and disinclined to work

Berlin work US English

Worsted embroidery on canvas

crewel work US English

Embroidery or tapestry done with crewel yarn on linen cloth

dirty work US English

Activities or tasks that are unpleasant or dishonest and given to someone else to undertake

group work US English

Work done by a group in collaboration

number work US English

Simple arithmetic

shadow work US English

Embroidery done in shadow stitch

shift work US English

Work comprising recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in rotation

social work US English

Work carried out by trained personnel with the aim of alleviating the conditions of those in need of help or welfare

stump work US English

A type of raised embroidery popular between the 15th and 17th centuries and characterized by elaborate designs padded with wool or hair

women's work US English

Work traditionally and historically undertaken by women, especially tasks of a domestic nature such as cooking, needlework, and child rearing

work ethic US English

The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward

work-harden US English

Toughen (a metal) by cold-working

work permit US English

An official document giving a foreigner permission to take a job in a country

work-study US English

Of or relating to a college program that enables students to work part-time while attending school

welfare work US English

Organized effort to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need

work wonders US English

Have a very beneficial effect on someone or something

work through US English

Go through a process of understanding and accepting (a painful or difficult situation)

work up to US English

Proceed gradually toward (something more advanced or intense)

work function US English

The minimum quantity of energy that is required to remove an electron to infinity from the surface of a given solid, usually a metal

work release US English

Leave of absence from prison by day enabling a prisoner to continue in normal employment

work surface US English

Another term for countertop.

sale of work US English

An event where goods made by members of a parish or other organization are sold, typically to raise funds for charity

out of work US English


set to work US English

Begin or cause to begin work

work experience US English

Short-term experience of employment, typically arranged for older pupils by schools

work of art US English

A creative product with strong imaginative or aesthetic appeal

out of work US Thesaurus

I'm an actor, currently out of work

long-and-short work US English

Alternating tall and horizontal stone quoins forming a corner of a building, characteristic of Anglo-Saxon architecture

right-to-work US English

Relating to or promoting a worker’s right not to be required to join a labor union

the work of —— US English

A task occupying a specified amount of time

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