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zone US English

An area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions

zone US Thesaurus

the search continued in the zone south of the river

T-zone US English

The central part of a person’s face, including the forehead, nose, and chin, especially as having oilier skin than the rest of the face

dead zone US English

A place or period in which nothing happens or in which no life exists

drop zone US English

A designated area into which troops or supplies are dropped by parachute or in which skydivers land

end zone US English

The rectangular area at each end of the field into which the ball must be carried or passed and caught to score a touchdown

grey zone US English

An intermediate area between two opposing positions; a situation, subject, etc., not clearly or easily defined, or not covered by an existing category or set of rules.

home zone US English

A residential area in which a variety of traffic-calming measures are employed to create a safer environment for pedestrians.

kill zone US English

The area of a military engagement with a high concentration of fatalities

life zone US English

A zone in which life occurs, or in which the greatest number of living organisms may be found; (specifically) that down to a certain depth in the sea.

near zone US English

= near field.

red zone US English

A red sector on a gauge or dial corresponding to conditions that exceed safety limits

riot zone US English

An area, usually within a city, in which a riot is taking place.

skip zone US English

The annular region round a broadcasting station where neither direct nor reflected waves are received

surf zone US English

The area of water lying between the shore and the surf line, characterized by white foamy water produced by breaking waves.

war zone US English

A region in which a war is being fought

zone out US English

Fall asleep or lose concentration or consciousness

buffer zone US English

A neutral area serving to separate hostile forces or nations

Canal Zone US English

See Panama Canal.

crush zone US English

Another term for crumple zone.

danger zone US English

An area in which there is a high risk of harm, especially where this risk has been officially identified

friend zone US English

A situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other

frigid zone US English

Each of the two areas of the earth respectively north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle

green zone US English

On a gauge or dial: a green sector corresponding to safe or recommended conditions. Also figurative: a category or class denoting that which is safe or recommended.

meter zone US English

A delimited area where the parking of vehicles is controlled by meters.

middle zone US English

Poetic = torrid zone.

motor zone US English

= motor area.

no-fly zone US English

A designated area over which aircraft may not fly without risk of interception, especially during a conflict

pollen zone US English

A characteristic assemblage of pollen obtained by pollen analysis. Each zone (denoted by a Roman numeral) corresponds to one of the climatic stages of the late-glacial and postglacial periods

purple zone US English

= purple airway.

range zone US English

A stratigraphic zone consisting of all the strata that are characterized by the presence of a particular fossil species or other distinctive faunal element.

Roche zone US English

The region of space within the Roche limit.

safety zone US English

An area round a person, building, etc., in which safety is sought or ensured; specifically an island or part of a road or square where pedestrians may wait in safety to cross the road, catch a bus, etc.

strike zone US English

An area over home plate extending approximately from the armpits to the knees of a batter when in the batting position. The ball must be pitched through this area in order for a strike to be called

torrid zone US English

The hot central belt of the earth bounded by the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

zone plate US English

A plate of glass marked out into concentric zones or rings alternately transparent and opaque, used like a lens to bring light to a focus

abyssal zone US English

The deep part of the ocean, now typically from a depth of 3000 metres (1.9 miles) down to 6000 metres (3.7 miles), though the numerical limits, especially the upper one, vary.

adaptive zone US English

The set of ecological niches to which a particular species or group of species is adapted.

Benioff zone US English

An inclined zone in which many deep earthquakes occur, situated beneath a destructive plate boundary where oceanic crust is being subducted

comfort zone US English

A place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress

crumple zone US English

A part of a motor vehicle, especially the extreme front and rear, designed to crumple easily in a crash and absorb the main force of an impact

economic zone US English

A geographical area distinguished by its economic attributes.

neutral zone US English

The central area of a hockey rink, lying between the two blue lines

pellucid zone US English

= zona pellucida.

prevent zone US English

A zone defence intended to prevent the completion of a long pass.

progress zone US English

A population of rapidly proliferating, undifferentiated cells at the distal tip of a developing vertebrate limb.

twilight zone US English

A conceptual area that is undefined or intermediate

zone defense US English

(In basketball, football, and hockey) a system of defensive play in which each player guards an allotted area of the field of play and guards an opponent only when the opponent is in his area

zone refining US English

A method of purifying a crystalline solid, typically a semiconductor or metal, by causing a narrow molten zone to travel slowly along an otherwise solid rod or bar to one end, at which impurities become concentrated

zone therapy US English

A system of alternative medicine (such as reflexology) in which different parts of the feet or hands are associated with different parts of the body

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