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MA English-French


ma French-English

→ mon

ma poule in poule French-English

my pet, honey AmE

ma parole! in parole French-English

(upon) my word!

elle m'a tapé dans l'œil in taper French-English

I thought she was striking

ça m'a fait bondir in bondir French-English

I was absolutely furious (about it)

la vie m'a comblé in combler French-English

I've had a wonderful life

ma vue se troubla in troubler French-English

my eyes became blurred

ma langue a fourché in fourcher French-English

it was a slip of the tongue

ma radio marche mal in marcher French-English

my radio doesn't work properly

le comprimé m'a soulagé in soulager French-English

the tablet made me feel better

ma voisine de palier in voisin French-English

the woman across the landing

à ma vue, il s'enfuit in vue French-English

he took to his heels when he saw me

ça m'a coûté de m'excuser in coûter French-English

it was hard for me to apologize

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