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to and fro English-French

d'avant en arrière

down-and-out English-French

clochard/-e m/f

here and now English-French

the here and now

hit-and-run English-French

où le chauffeur a pris la fuite

out-and-out English-French


cash-and-carry English-French


cut and paste English-French

couper-coller m

drag and drop English-French


give and take English-French


hide and seek English-French

cache-cache m inv

lost and found English-French

objets mpl trouvés

plug and play English-French

plug and playon branche et ça marche

rank and file English-French

the rank and file

rock and roll English-French

rock and roll

sweet-and-sour English-French


up and coming English-French


bed and breakfast English-French

chambre, chambre

black and white English-French

noir et blanc

Punch and Judy show English-French

(spectacle m de) guignol m

research and development English-French

recherche-développement, recherche

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