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e-business English-French


m-business English-French

m-business m inv, commerce

big business English-French

les grandes entreprises

business card English-French

carte f de visite

business plan English-French

projet, business plan

business rate English-French

taxe f professionnelle

business suit English-French

costume, complet m

business trip English-French

voyage m d'affaires

business centre English-French

centre m d'affaires

business sense English-French

to have business sense

small business English-French

petite entreprise

business angel French-English

private backer, business angel

business analyst English-French

analyste mf financier/-ière

business expenses English-French

frais mpl professionnels

business machine English-French

machine f de bureau

business manager English-French

directeur commercial/directrice commerciale

business partner English-French

associé/-e m/f

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