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few English-French

peu de

a few people in few English-French

quelques personnes

a few of us in few English-French

un certain nombre d'entre nous

quite a few in quite English-French

un bon nombre de

every few days in few English-French

tous les deux ou trois jours

few visitors/letters in few English-French

peu de visiteurs/lettres

quite a few people in few English-French

pas mal, un bon nombre de personnes

a few kilometres ahead in ahead English-French

à quelques kilomètres

a few minutes' delay in delay English-French

un délai de quelques minutes

once every few days in every English-French

tous les deux ou trois jours

the first few weeks in few English-French

les premières semaines

few of us succeeded in few English-French

peu d'entre nous ont réussi

I only need a few in few English-French

il ne m'en faut que quelques-uns/quelques-unes

a man of few words in word English-French

un homme peu loquace

over the last few days in over English-French

au cours de ces derniers jours

too many/too few people in too English-French

trop de/trop peu de gens

I would like a few more in few English-French

j'en voudrais quelques-uns/quelques-unes de plus

what few friends she had in what English-French

les quelques amis qu'elle avait