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a few of us in few English-French

un certain nombre d'entre nous

the happy few in happy English-French

les quelques rares privilégiés

a select few in select English-French

seulement quelques privilégiés

every few days in few English-French

tous les deux ou trois jours

to have had a few (too many) in few English-French

avoir bu quelques verres de trop, être bien parti

a few odd coins in odd English-French

un reste de monnaie

stay a few days in stay English-French

restez quelques jours

to tell somebody a few home truths in truth English-French

dire à quelqu'un ses quatre vérités

to make a few bucks in buck English-French

se faire un peu de fric

to save a few coppers in copper English-French

économiser quelques sous

few visitors/letters in few English-French

peu de visiteurs/lettres

with few exceptions in few English-French

à quelques exceptions près

in a few minutes in few English-French

dans quelques minutes

a few more times in few English-French

quelques fois de plus

the privileged few in privileged English-French

les quelques privilégiés

back up a few metres in back English-French

recule de quelques mètres

back up a few metres in back up English-French

recule de quelques mètres

a few minutes' delay in delay English-French

un délai de quelques minutes

once every few days in every English-French

plusieurs fois par semaine

to raise a few eyebrows in eyebrow English-French

provoquer quelques froncements de sourcils

their needs are few in few English-French

ils ont peu de besoins

their demands are few in few English-French

ils sont peu exigeants, ils revendiquent peu de chose

the first few weeks in few English-French

les premières semaines

a few people/houses in few English-French

quelques personnes/maisons

a few weeks earlier in few English-French

quelques semaines plus tôt

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