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full English-French


full moon English-French

pleine lune f

full name English-French

nom m et prénom m

full-size English-French

grand format

full stop English-French

point m

full blast English-French

the TV was on (at) full blast

full-blown English-French


full board English-French

pension f complète

full-length English-French


full price English-French

au prix fort

full-scale English-French

grandeur f nature

full-cream milk English-French

lait m entier

full board in board English-French

pension f complète

crammed full in cram English-French

plein à craquer

I'm full (up) in full English-French

je n'en peux plus

in full flow in flow English-French

en plein discours

at full speed in full English-French

à toute vitesse

full of life in life English-French

plein/-e de vie

half/full fare in fare English-French

demi-/plein tarif

to get full marks in full English-French

obtenir la note maximale

a very full life in full English-French

une vie très remplie

to write sth in full in full English-French

écrire qch en toutes lettres

to be full of goodness in goodness English-French

être plein/-e de bonnes choses

a ship in full sail in sail English-French

un navire toutes voiles dehors

in (full) view of sb in view English-French

devant qn, sous les yeux de qn

in full working order in working English-French

en parfait état de marche

with the heating up full in full English-French

avec le chauffage à fond

the TV was on (at) full blast in full blast English-French

la télé marchait à pleins tubes

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