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get English-French


get at English-French


get-up English-French

accoutrement m

get! in get English-French

fiche-moi le camp

get off English-French


get-out English-French

prétexte m

get about English-French

se déplacer

get along English-French

how's the project getting along?

get into English-French

entrer dans

get onto English-French

monter dans

get round English-French

→ get around 1

get under English-French

passer en-dessous

get well English-French

de prompt rétablissement

get around English-French

→ get about

get behind English-French

prendre du retard

get-together English-French

we ought to have a get-together

get on with English-French

to get on with one's work/with preparing the meal

get-at-able English-French

to be/not to be get-at-able

get at English-French


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