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as a child, he… in as English-French

(quand il était) enfant, il...

unlike me, he… in unlike English-French

contrairement à moi, il…

he is reading in be English-French

il lit, il est en train de lire

he's got BO in BO English-French

il sent mauvais

need he reply? in need English-French

est-ce qu'il faut qu'il réponde?, est-ce qu'il doit répondre?

he thumped me in thump English-French

il m'a tapé dessus

he did what? in what English-French

il a fait quoi?

he couldn't swim in could English-French

il ne savait pas nager

he's seen us in he English-French

il nous a vus

he's a genius in he English-French

c'est un génie

he went to it in it English-French

il y est allé

he's just 20 in just English-French

il a tout juste 20 ans

he missed Paris in miss English-French

Paris lui manquait

he is past 70 in past English-French

il a 70 ans passés

‘hello,’ he said in say English-French

‘bonjour,’ dit-il

he wouldn't say in say English-French

il n'a pas voulu le dire

he was seething in seethe English-French

il était furibond

he was wide-eyed in wide-eyed English-French

il ouvrait de grands yeux

he's worthless in worthless English-French

c'est un bon à rien

what if he died? in if English-French

et s'il mourait?

just as he came in just English-French

juste au moment où il est arrivé

he spent a lot in lot English-French

il a beaucoup dépensé, il a dépensé beaucoup d'argent

he may not come in may English-French

il risque de ne pas venir

he's no expert in no English-French

ce n'est certes pas un expert

he read my palm in palm English-French

il m'a lu les lignes de la main

he won't cooperate in will English-French

il ne veut pas coopérer

he's all right in small doses in dose English-French

il est supportable à doses homéopathiques

he takes his mother for granted in grant English-French

il croit que sa mère est à son service

he's in for a shock/surprise in in English-French

il va avoir un choc/être surpris

although he is shy in although English-French

bien qu'il soit timide

he is beyond help in beyond English-French

on ne peut rien faire pour lui

he lives close by in by English-French

il habite tout près

what is he called? in call English-French

comment s'appelle-t-il?

he's clean-shaven in clean-shaven English-French

il n'a ni barbe ni moustache

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