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head English-French

tête f

head-on English-French

de front

head for English-French

se diriger vers

head-hunt English-French

(chercher à) recruter

head rest English-French

appui-tête m

head first English-French

la tête la première

head-hunter English-French

chasseur m de têtes

head start English-French

to have a head start

head teacher English-French

directeur/-trice m/f

head for English-French

se diriger vers

to go to sb's head in head English-French

monter à la tête de qn

to keep/lose one's head in head English-French

garder/perdre son sang-froid

head injuries in injury English-French

blessures à la tête

to duck one's head in duck English-French

baisser vivement la tête

to nod one's head in nod English-French

faire un signe de tête

to toss one's head in toss English-French

rejeter la tête en arrière

to keep a clear head in clear English-French

garder les idées claires

from head to foot in foot English-French

de la tête aux pieds

to have a head start in head start English-French

avoir une longueur d'avance

£10 a head or per head in head English-French

10 livres sterling par personne

to fall head over heels in love with sb in heel English-French

tomber éperdument amoureux de qn

my head is pounding in pound English-French

j'ai l'impression que ma tête va éclater

my head is spinning in spin English-French

j'ai la tête qui tourne

my head is throbbing in throb English-French

ça me lance dans la tête

a toss of the head in toss English-French

un mouvement brusque de la tête

to hit one's head on sth in hit English-French

se cogner la tête contre qch

to knock one's head on sth in knock English-French

se cogner la tête contre qch

to get a bang on the head in get English-French

recevoir un coup sur la tête

with a jerk of his head in jerk English-French

d'un brusque mouvement de la tête

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