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life English-French

vie f

life-size English-French

grandeur nature inv

long-life English-French

longue conservation

pro-life English-French

contre l'avortement

true-life English-French


life jacket English-French

gilet m de sauvetage

life-saving English-French

sauvetage m

still life English-French

nature f morte

life sentence English-French


kiss of life English-French

bouche-à-bouche m inv

life expectancy English-French

espérance f de vie

life insurance English-French

assurance-vie f

life-support machine English-French

to be on a life-support machine

to serve life in life English-French

être emprisonné/-e à vie

to sustain life in sustain English-French

rendre la vie possible

to know the facts of life in fact English-French

savoir comment les enfants viennent au monde

the (hard) facts of life in fact English-French

les réalités de la vie

full of life in life English-French

plein/-e de vie

to come to life in life English-French

sortir de sa réserve

in real life in real English-French

dans la réalité

to save sb's life in save English-French

sauver la vie à qn

his whole life in whole English-French

toute sa vie, sa vie entière

to have the time of one's life in life English-French

s'amuser comme un fou/une folle

a job for life in life English-French

un emploi à vie

to drift through life in drift English-French

errer sans but dans la vie

a very full life in full English-French

une vie très remplie

a friend for life in life English-French

un ami pour la vie

to run for one's life in run English-French

s'enfuir pour sauver sa peau

to scar sb for life in scar English-French

laisser à qn une cicatrice permanente

to make sb's life hell in hell English-French

rendre la vie infernale à qn

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