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long English-French


long-haul English-French

long-courrier inv

long-life English-French

longue conservation

long term English-French

in the long term

long-time English-French

de longue date

long-wave English-French

grandes ondes fpl

year-long English-French

d'un an, d'une année

long-haired English-French

aux cheveux longs

long-range English-French

(à) longue portée

long-winded English-French


long-awaited English-French

longtemps attendu/-e

long-standing English-French

de longue date

long ago in ago English-French

il y a longtemps

long ago in long English-French

il y a longtemps

long after in long English-French

longtemps après

long-haired in hair English-French

aux cheveux longs

how long ago? in ago English-French

il y a combien de temps?

not long ago in ago English-French

il y a peu de temps

to long to do in long English-French

rêver de faire

I won't be long in long English-French

je n'en ai pas pour longtemps

to long for sth in long English-French

avoir très envie de qch

it's a long haul in haul English-French

la route est longue

long live democracy! in live English-French

vive la démocratie!

I haven't got long in long English-French

je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps

it won't take long in take English-French

ça ne prendra pas longtemps

however long it takes in however English-French

quel que soit le temps que ça prendra

as long as I live… in live English-French

tant que je vivrai…

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