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manger English-French

mangeoire f

manger French-English

to eat

garde-manger French-English

meat safe

salle à manger French-English

dining room

salle à manger French-English

dining room

manger sur le pouce in pouce French-English

to have a quick bite to eat

manger gras in gras French-English

to eat fatty foods

manger chinois in manger French-English

to have a Chinese meal

manger salement in salement French-English

to be a messy eater

manger à tous les râteliers in râtelier French-English

to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds

cuisiner/manger léger in léger French-English

to cook/to eat light meals

manger à la cantine in cantine French-English

to have school dinners

inviter qn à manger in manger French-English

to invite sb for a meal

manger tout un pain in tout French-English

to eat a whole loaf

il y a à boire et à manger dans leur théorie in boire French-English

there's both good and bad in their theory

il y a à manger pour quatre in avoir French-English

there's enough food for four

c'est ton tour de faire à manger, tu n'y couperas pas in couper French-English

it's your turn to cook, you won't get out of it

connaître les bons coins pour manger in coin French-English

to know all the good places to eat