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nice English-French


nice-looking English-French

beau/belle before n

to taste nice in nice English-French

avoir bon goût

to be nice to sb in nice English-French

être gentil/-ille avec qn

to have a nice day in have English-French

passer une journée agréable

a flight from Nice in from English-French

un vol en provenance de Nice

they're nice people in people English-French

ce sont des gens sympathiques

such a nice boy! in such English-French

un garçon si gentil!

nice to have met you in nice English-French

ravi d'avoir fait votre connaissance

that smells nice/horrible in smell English-French

ça sent bon/très mauvais

be nice to your brother in to English-French

sois gentil avec ton frère

what a nice dress/car! in what English-French

quelle belle robe/voiture!

that makes a nice change in change English-French

ça change agréablement

it is not nice to tell lies in nice English-French

ce n'est pas bien de mentir

it would be nice if everyone were there, wouldn't it? in would English-French

ce serait bien si tout le monde était là, n'est-ce pas?

he has a house in Nice as well as an apartment in Paris in as English-French

il a une maison à Nice ainsi qu'un appartement à Paris