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office English-French

bureau m

office French-English

faire office de table

box office English-French

guichet m

Home Office English-French


tax office English-French

perception f

office worker English-French


tourist office English-French

syndicat m d'initiative

office du tourisme French-English

tourist information office

office du tourisme French-English

tourist information office

d'office in office French-English

without consultation

office block in block English-French

immeuble de bureaux

to hold office in office English-French

être en fonction

commis d'office in office French-English

appointed by the court

to remove sb from office in remove English-French

démettre qn de ses fonctions

to vote sb into/out of office in vote English-French

élire/ne pas réélire qn

the boss called me into his office in call English-French

le chef m'a fait venir dans son bureau

nos propositions ont été rejetées d'office in office French-English

our proposals were dismissed out of hand

after he had changed she brought him to the office in after English-French

après qu'il se fut changé, elle le conduisit au bureau