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no-one English-French

→ nobody 1

one-up English-French

surenchérir sur

one-day English-French

d'une journée

one-man English-French

pour lequel un seul homme suffit

one-off English-French

to be a one-off

one-way English-French

à sens unique

one-line English-French

d'une seule ligne

one-piece English-French

d'une seule pièce

one-shot English-French

→ one-off

one-size English-French

taille unique

one-time English-French


one-woman English-French

pour lequel une seule femme suffit

one-on-one English-French

→ one-to-one

one-to-one English-French

one-to-one meeting

one-for-one English-French

→ one-to-one 1 2

eighty-one English-French


murder one English-French

homicide m volontaireavec circonstances aggravantes

number one English-French

she only thinks about number one

one another English-French

they love one another

one-legged English-French


one-reeler English-French


twenty-one English-French


all-in-one English-French

d'une seule pièce

one-dimensional English-French


one-man band English-French

homme-orchestre m

one-man show English-French

one-man show, spectacle m solo

one up in one-up English-French

surenchérir sur

one-up in one-up English-French

surenchérir sur

one man one vote English-French

un homme une voix

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