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police English-French

the police

police cell English-French

cellule f (dans un poste de police)

police dog English-French

chien m policier

police van English-French

fourgon m cellulaire, panier m à salade

police work English-French


police chief English-French

commissaire m divisionnaire

police court English-French

tribunal de police et correctionnel

police force English-French

police f, forces fpl de l'ordre

police record English-French

casier m judiciaire

secret police English-French

police f secrète

police montée French-English

mounted police

police privée French-English

private police force

military police English-French

police f militaire

mounted police English-French

police f montée

police academy English-French

→ police college

police custody English-French

garde f à vue

police station English-French

poste m de police

traffic police English-French

police f de la route

police secours French-English

emergency services

police constable English-French

agent m de police

Transport Police English-French

la police des chemins de fer

police militaire French-English

military police

police nationale French-English

national police force

police politique French-English

political police

chief of police English-French

préfet m de police

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