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signature English-French

signature f

signature dish English-French

spécialité f

signature file English-French

fichier m signature

to deny a signature in deny English-French

contester une signature

il a donné sa signature in signature French-English

he signed, he put his signature to it

a close copy of his signature in close English-French

une imitation presque parfaite de sa signature

avoir la signature de quelqu'un in signature French-English

to have the right to sign for somebody

all that's wanted is your signature in want English-French

il ne manque plus que ta signature

déposer sa signature à la banque in déposer French-English

to give the bank a specimen signature

mettre sa signature sur un document in mettre French-English

to put one's signature to a document

il faut une petite signature ici in petit French-English

could I ask you to sign here, please?

avoir la signature sur un compte in signature French-English

to be authorized to sign on an account

revêtir un document/contrat d'une signature in revêtir French-English

to affix a signature to a document/contract

cet acte porte la signature de Zorro in signature French-English

this act bears all the hallmarks of Zorro

please return the document to us for signature in signature English-French

veuillez nous renvoyer le document pour que nous puissions le signer

the sum shall be paid on signature of the contract in shall English-French

le montant devra être versé à la signature du contrat