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situation English-French

situation f

situation French-English


such a situation in such English-French

une telle situation

dominer la situation in dominer French-English

to be in control of the situation

situation sans issue in issue French-English

situation with no solution

noircir la situation in noircir French-English

to paint a black picture of the situation

in such a situation in such English-French

dans une situation pareille

face à cette situation in face French-English

in view of this situation

se servir d'une situation in servir French-English

to make use of a situation

situation difficilement gérable in gérable French-English

a situation which is hard to handle

le romanesque d'une situation in romanesque French-English

the fantastical aspect of a situation

venir aggraver la situation in venir French-English

to make the situation worse

décrire la situation sans complaisance in complaisance French-English

to give an objective assessment of the situation

la situation ne manque pas de sel in sel French-English

the situation has a certain piquancy

la situation varie selon les régions in selon French-English

the situation varies from region to region

he allowed the situation to get worse in allow English-French

il a laissé la situation s'aggraver

la situation devient carrément inquiétante in carrément French-English

quite frankly the situation is becoming worrying