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surgery English-French

chirurgie f

brain surgery English-French

neurochirurgie f

tree surgery English-French

arboriculture f

keyhole surgery English-French

chirurgie f endoscopique

emergency surgery English-French

to undergo emergency surgery

veterinary surgery English-French

clinique f vétérinaire

to need surgery in surgery English-French

avoir besoin d'une opération

to take surgery in surgery English-French

assurer la consultation

major surgery in major English-French

une grosse opération

to undergo surgery in undergo English-French

subir une intervention chirurgicale

to have plastic surgery in plastic surgery English-French

subir une intervention de chirurgie plastique

major developments in surgery in development English-French

des découvertes majeures dans le domaine de la chirurgie

there are several alternatives to surgery in alternative English-French

il y a d'autres possibilités que la chirurgie

surgery is usually indicated in such cases in indicate English-French

la chirurgie est généralement indiquée en pareils cas