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there English-French

there is/are

stand there in there English-French

mettez-vous là

there, I told you! in there English-French

voilà, je te l'avais bien dit!

up to here/there in up English-French

jusqu'ici/jusque là

we're almost there in almost English-French

nous sommes presque arrivés

put it in there in there English-French

mettez-le là-dedans

there's a world of difference in world English-French

il y a une différence énorme

there's ample room in ample English-French

il y a largement la place

is there any tea? in any English-French

est-ce qu'il y a du thé?

there's nothing on in on English-French

il n'y a rien de bien

there, you've woken the baby! in there English-French

c'est malin, tu as réveillé le bébé!

when I next go there in next English-French

la prochaine fois que j'irai

we'll get there somehow in somehow English-French

on y arrivera d'une manière ou d'une autre

there isn't any room in there English-French

il n'y a pas de place

there are many reasons in there English-French

il y a beaucoup de raisons

there is something amiss in amiss English-French

il y a quelque chose qui ne va pas

there is no doubt (that) in doubt English-French

il ne fait aucun doute que

there's no more bread in more English-French

il n'y a plus de pain

I no longer work there in no English-French

je n'y travaille plus

there's a stain on it in on English-French

il y a une tache dessus

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