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time English-French

temps m

all-time English-French


half-time English-French

mi-temps f

long-time English-French

de longue date

one-time English-French

ancien/-ienne before n

part-time English-French

à temps partiel

time bomb English-French

bombe f à retardement

time off English-French

congé m

time span English-French

durée f

time zone English-French

fuseau m horaire

two-time English-French

être infidèle envers, tromper

extra time English-French

prolongation f

time frame English-French

calendrier m

time limit English-French

date f limite

leisure time English-French

loisirs, temps

time-consuming English-French

qui prend du temps

time difference English-French

décalage m horaire

to play for time in play English-French

essayer de gagner du temps

about time too! in about English-French

ce n'est pas trop tôt!

to bide one's time in bide English-French

attendre le bon moment

to beat time in beat English-French

battre la mesure

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