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who English-French

qui (est-ce qui)

you-know-who English-French


who is it? in it English-French

qui est-ce?, qui c'est?

who's calling? in call English-French

qui est à l'appareil?

who did this? in this English-French

qui a fait ça?

who's speaking? in speak English-French

qui est à l'appareil?

who is it from? in from English-French

c'est de la part de qui?

all those who came in all English-French

tous ceux qui sont venus

to figure out who/why in figure English-French

arriver à comprendre qui/pourquoi

to figure out who/why in figure out English-French

arriver à comprendre qui/pourquoi

who did you invite? in who English-French

qui est-ce que tu as invité?, qui as-tu invité?

who was she with? in who English-French

avec qui était-elle?

bring who you like in who English-French

tu peux amener qui tu veux

‘who wrote it?’—‘I did’ in do English-French

‘qui l'a écrit?’—‘moi’

who owns that house? in own English-French

à qui est cette maison?

who knows the answer? in who English-French

qui connaît la réponse?

who did you buy it for? in who English-French

pour qui l'as-tu acheté?

anybody who wants to, can go in anybody English-French

tous ceux qui le veulent, peuvent y aller

who's your date for tonight? in date English-French

avec qui sors-tu ce soir?

she was among those who survived in among English-French

elle faisait partie des survivants

who could have done it except him? in except English-French

qui aurait pu le faire sinon lui?

his friend who he sees once a week in who English-French

l'ami qu'il voit une fois par semaine

that's all very well but who's going to pay for it? in very English-French

c'est bien beau, tout ça, mais qui va payer?