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closed English-German


closed season English-German

→ close season

closed-circuit English-German

closed-circuit television

we're closed in closed English-German

wir haben geschlossen

behind closed doors in close English-German

hinter verschlossenen Türen

have a closed mind in mind English-German

sich entschieden haben

closed for repairs in repair English-German

wegen Reparaturarbeiten geschlossen

closed to shipping in shipping English-German

für Schiffe/für die Schifffahrt gesperrt

all doors are open/closed to him in door English-German

ihm stehen alle Türen offen/sind alle Türen verschlossen

the subject is closed in closed English-German

das Thema ist [für mich] erledigt

the shops will be closed, I'll bet in bet English-German

ich wette, die Geschäfte sind geschlossen