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stand German-English

→ stehen

Stand German-English

standing position

Stand in Stand German-English

standing position

stand by English-German

abseits stehen

stand off English-German

sich entfernen

stand-off English-German

verfahrene Situation

stand out English-German

stand out for/against something

stand-up English-German

stand-up fight

music stand English-German


news stand English-German


stand aside English-German

zur Seite treten

stand back English-German

stand [well] back [from something]

stand over English-German

→ hold over

stand-alone English-German


stand behind English-German

stand behind somebody/something

stand between English-German

something stands between somebody and something

stand patter English-German

strammer Konservativer/stramme Konservative

stand together English-German


stand up for English-German

stand up for somebody/something

stand up to English-German

stand up to somebody

umbrella stand English-German


Stand-, Standuhr German-English

grandfather clock

stand by English-German

abseits stehen

stand to English-German

→ stand by 1 3

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