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cant English-Italian

ipocrisia f

can't English-Italian

→ cannot

he can't spell in spell English-Italian

fa molti errori d'ortografia

I can't deny it in deny English-Italian

non posso negarlo

I can't help it in help English-Italian

non ci posso far niente

I can't eat any more in any English-Italian

non posso mangiare più niente

I can't go any quicker in any English-Italian

non posso andare più in fretta

I can't find it anywhere in anywhere English-Italian

non lo trovo da nessuna parte

you can't tell them apart in apart English-Italian

non si possono distinguere

he can't possibly be right in possibly English-Italian

non è possibile che abbia ragione

I'm afraid I can't help you in afraid English-Italian

mi dispiace ma non posso esserle d'aiuto

you can't have your cake and eat it in cake English-Italian

non si può avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca

I can't see myself doing this forever in see English-Italian

non mi ci vedo a farlo per sempre

I can't think what she sees in him in see English-Italian

non capisco cosa trovi in lui