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fast English-Italian


fast food English-Italian

fast food m inv

fast lane English-Italian

corsia f di sorpasso

fast food Italian-English

fast food

colour fast English-Italian

dai colori resistenti

extra-fast English-Italian


fast track English-Italian

corsia f preferenziale

fast-track English-Italian

accelerare la carriera di

fast forward English-Italian


fast growing English-Italian

in rapida espansione

fast-talking English-Italian

che raggira con la sua parlantina

be fast in fast English-Italian

andare avanti

be fast asleep in fast English-Italian

dormire profondamente

pull a fast one in pull English-Italian

giocare un brutto tiro

he's a fast eater in eater English-Italian

mangia sempre in fretta

you're not working fast enough in enough English-Italian

non lavori abbastanza in fretta