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some English-Italian

some cheese

some in soma Italian-English

burden, load, pack

two-some in twosome English-Italian

coppia feminine, duo masculine

to cop some Z's in cop English-Italian

schiacciare un pisolino

and then some! in some English-Italian

e poi (altro) ancora!

some £50 in some English-Italian

più o meno 50 sterline

win some, lose some in win English-Italian

a volte si vince, a volte si perde

to kick (some) ass in ass English-Italian

fare il culo a qualcuno

to wait some in some English-Italian

aspettare un bel po'

to give it some welly in welly English-Italian

schiacciare l'acceleratore

in (some) detail in detail English-Italian

in dettaglio, nei dettagli, dettagliatamente

to do some digging in digging English-Italian

zappare, dare una zappata

by some miracle in miracle English-Italian

per (un qualche) miracolo

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