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American English-Spanish

estadounidense, norteamericano, americano

un-American English-Spanish


Afro-American English-Spanish


all-American English-Spanish

típicamente americano

American plan English-Spanish

pensión feminine completa

pan-American English-Spanish


American Indian English-Spanish

amerindio, de los indios americanos

Asian American English-Spanish

→ Asian American

Irish-American English-Spanish

norteamericano, -na masculine, feminine de origen irlandés

Latin American English-Spanish

latinoamericano, hispanoamericano, iberoamericano

Middle American English-Spanish

del centro de Estados Unidos

Native American English-Spanish

indio americano,

North American English-Spanish

de América del Norte, norteamericano

South American English-Spanish

sudamericano, suramericano

African American English-Spanish

→ African American

American football English-Spanish

fútbol masculine americano

Central American English-Spanish

centroamericano, de (la) América Central

Spanish American English-Spanish


American Civil War English-Spanish

Guerra feminine de Secesión

American Sign Language English-Spanish

lenguaje, lenguaje

American-style in -style English-Spanish

al estilo americano, a la americana

as American as apple pie in apple pie English-Spanish

típicamente (norte)americano

on American lines in line English-Spanish

a la manera americana

the American people in people English-Spanish

los americanos, el pueblo americano

British/American English in English English-Spanish

inglés británico/americano

on the American model in model English-Spanish

siguiendo el modelo americano, a imitación del modelo americano

the great American novel in great English-Spanish

la gran novela americana

she's American to the core in core English-Spanish

es americana hasta la médula

he's an all-American athlete in all-American English-Spanish

es un atleta de clase internacional

the American branch of the company in branch English-Spanish

la división americana de la compañía

Daughters of the American Revolution in daughter English-Spanish

asociación de mujeres descendientes de combatientes de la guerra de la independencia norteamericana

the American/Royal British Legion in legion English-Spanish

la legión estadounidense/británica de ex-combatientes

the American sector of the city in sector English-Spanish

el sector americano de la ciudad

the whole span of American history in span English-Spanish

la historia americana en toda su extensión

how will American audiences react to the play? in audience English-Spanish

¿cómo reaccionará el público americano ante la obra?

the constitution was patterned on the American one in pattern English-Spanish

la constitución fue redactada tomando como modelo la de los Estados Unidos

he compared British teenagers with their American counterparts in counterpart English-Spanish

comparó a los adolescentes británicos con los americanos