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March English-Spanish

marzo masculine

march English-Spanish

marcha feminine

march-past English-Spanish

desfile masculine, parada feminine

quick march! in march English-Spanish

de frente ¡mar(chen)!

to steal a march on sb in march English-Spanish

ganarle por la mano, ganarle la mano a algn

a peace march in march English-Spanish

una marcha por la paz

(as) mad as a March hare in hare English-Spanish

más loco que una cabra

to march for peace in march English-Spanish

tomar parte en una marcha por la paz

to march four abreast in abreast English-Spanish

marchar en columna de cuatro en fondo

military/bridal march in march English-Spanish

marcha militar/nupcial

to march at the port in port English-Spanish

marchar con el fusil cruzado

the onward march of time in onward English-Spanish

el avance inexorable del tiempo

the wettest March since records began in record English-Spanish

el marzo más lluvioso del que se tienen datos

I've been living here since March in since English-Spanish

desde marzo pasado que vivo aquí

the convention is slated for March in slate English-Spanish

la convención está programada para marzo

they were on the march before sunrise in march English-Spanish

ya estaban en camino antes del amanecer

I refer to your letter of 18th March in refer English-Spanish

con relación a su carta del 18 de marzo

I refer to your letter of 18th March in refer to English-Spanish

con relación a su carta del 18 de marzo

the capital is three days' march from here in march English-Spanish

la capital está a tres días de marcha de aquí

the election will be in March and that's official in official English-Spanish

las elecciones serán en marzo: está confirmado

the exhibition will go on the road in March in road English-Spanish

la exposición iniciará una gira en marzo

we have enough fuel to last us for months/until March in last English-Spanish

el combustible que tenemos nos durará meses/hasta marzo

the liberals march in lockstep with the right wing of the party in lockstep English-Spanish

los liberales y la derecha del partido van hombro con hombro