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chicken English-Spanish

pollo m

chicken in stock English-Spanish

stock caldo de pollo

chicken feed English-Spanish

una miseria, calderilla ffamiliar/colloquial

chicken wire English-Spanish

alambrera f

prairie chicken English-Spanish

tipo de urogallo de América del Norte

chicken out English-Spanish

acobardarse, achicarse* familiar/colloquial, rajarse familiar/colloquial

to play chicken in chicken English-Spanish

jugar* a ver quién es más gallito

we're having chicken for dinner in for English-Spanish

vamos a cenar pollo, hay pollo para cenar

stuff the chicken with the chestnuts in stuff English-Spanish

rellenar el pollo con las castañas

we'll start with the soup, and have chicken to follow in follow English-Spanish

para empezar tomaremos sopa y después pollo

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