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circuit English-Spanish

recorrido m, vuelta f

circuit board English-Spanish

placa f base

short circuit English-Spanish

cortocircuito m

short-circuit English-Spanish

provocar* un cortocircuito en

circuit breaker English-Spanish

cortacircuitos m

closed circuit English-Spanish

circuito m cerrado

circuit training English-Spanish

tabla f (de gimnasia)

integrated circuit English-Spanish

circuito m integrado

printed circuit in print English-Spanish

circuito m impreso

parallel/series circuit in circuit English-Spanish

circuito en paralelo/serie

closed-circuit television in closed circuit English-Spanish

televisión f en circuito cerrado

you're going to fuse the circuit in fuse English-Spanish

vas a provocar un corto (circuito)

the current flows through the circuit in through English-Spanish

la corriente fluye a través del circuito

the moon's circuit of o around the earth in circuit English-Spanish

la órbita de la luna alrededor de la tierra

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