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cocktail English-Spanish

cóctel masculine, coctel masculine, combinado masculine

cocktail Spanish-English

→ coctel

cocktail Spanish


cocktail bar English-Spanish

bar masculine, coctelería

cocktail lounge English-Spanish

salón masculine de fiestas

cocktail mixer English-Spanish

coctelera feminine

cocktail party English-Spanish

cóctel masculine, coctel masculine

cocktail shaker English-Spanish

coctelera feminine

cocktail stick English-Spanish

palillo masculine, mondadientes masculine, escarbadientes masculine

prawn cocktail English-Spanish

→ shrimp cocktail

shrimp cocktail English-Spanish

cóctel, langostinos

Molotov cocktail English-Spanish

cóctel masculine Molotov

this cocktail has a real kick to it in kick English-Spanish

este cóctel es explosivo, este cóctel pega fuerte