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crazy quilt English-Spanish

colcha, centón

stir-crazy English-Spanish

loco de atar

to go crazy in crazy English-Spanish

volverse* loco, enloquecerse*

to go crazy in go English-Spanish

volverse* loco

to go stir-crazy in stir-crazy English-Spanish

enloquecerse*, perder* la chaveta colloquial/familiar

to drive sb crazy in crazy English-Spanish

volver* loco a algn

plumb crazy/stupid in plumb English-Spanish

loco/tonto de remate

to lean at a crazy angle in crazy English-Spanish

inclinarse de modo peligroso

this pain is driving me crazy in drive English-Spanish

este dolor me está enloqueciendo

don't tell my mom, she'll go crazy in crazy English-Spanish

no le cuentes a mamá, que se va a poner furiosa

they stared at him like he was crazy in like English-Spanish

se quedaron mirándolo como si estuviera loco

you're crazy to believe what she tells you in believe English-Spanish

estás loco si te crees lo que te cuenta

he drives me crazy o mad with his incessant chatter in drive English-Spanish

me saca de quicio con su constante cháchara