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depth English-Spanish

profundidad feminine

in-depth English-Spanish

a fondo, en profundidad, exhaustivo

depth charge English-Spanish

carga feminine de profundidad

depth of field in depth English-Spanish

profundidad feminine de campo

at a depth of 200m in at English-Spanish

a una profundidad de 200m

at a depth of 200m in depth English-Spanish

a una profundidad de 200m

don't go out of your depth in depth English-Spanish

no vayas donde no haces pie

we'll dive to a depth of 100 feet in dive English-Spanish

bajaremos a 100 pies de profundidad

a pressure/temperature/depth gauge in gauge English-Spanish

un indicador de presión/temperatura/profundidad

her criticism displays depth of thought in depth English-Spanish

su crítica revela un razonamiento muy profundo

I tried reading Hegel but soon got out of my depth in depth English-Spanish

traté de leer a Hegel pero pronto me perdí

the mirrors give the room the impression of depth in impression English-Spanish

los espejos le dan (una sensación de) profundidad a la habitación

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