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drive English-Spanish


drive-in English-Spanish

drive-in bank

disk drive English-Spanish

unidad f de disco

chain drive English-Spanish


flash drive English-Spanish

memoria f flash

drive belt English-Spanish

correa f de transmisión

hard drive English-Spanish

→ hard disk

self-drive English-Spanish

we hire out self-drive cars

whist drive English-Spanish

certamen m de whist

tape drive English-Spanish


test-drive English-Spanish

probar*en carretera

drive-through English-Spanish

drive-through restaurant

drive-up window English-Spanish

ventanilla para hacer los pedidos en un

drive at English-Spanish

querer* decir, insinuar*

drive on English-Spanish


drive up English-Spanish


all-wheel drive English-Spanish

tracción, tracción, tracción f a las cuatro ruedas

four-wheel drive English-Spanish

tracción, tracción

front-wheel drive English-Spanish

tracción f delantera

optical disk drive English-Spanish

unidad f de disco óptica

rear-wheel drive English-Spanish

tracción f trasera

drive off English-Spanish

irse*, partir

drive out English-Spanish


drive on in on English-Spanish

sigue adelante

drive on! in drive English-Spanish

¡siga (adelante)!

drive on! in drive on English-Spanish

¡siga (adelante)!

sex drive in sex English-Spanish

libido f, líbido f

drive safely in safely English-Spanish

conduzca con prudencia

to drive sth into sth English-Spanish

clavar/hincar* algo

the sex drive in drive English-Spanish

el apetito sexual

an export drive in export English-Spanish

una campaña de fomento a la exportación

to go for a walk/drive in go English-Spanish

ir* a dar un paseo/una vuelta en coche

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