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flying English-Spanish

a flying visit

flying boat English-Spanish

hidroavión masculine

flying fish English-Spanish

pez masculine volador

flying fox English-Spanish

murciélago masculine, de Australasia, panique

low-flying English-Spanish

que vuela bajo

flying doctor English-Spanish

médico,que se desplaza en avión

flying buttress English-Spanish

arbotante masculine

flying club in flying English-Spanish

aeroclub masculine, club

stunt flying in stunt English-Spanish

acrobacia feminine aérea

a flying visit in flying English-Spanish

una visita relámpago

a flying tackle in flying English-Spanish

un placaje en el aire

to be flying high in fly English-Spanish

estar* volando alto

I like/hate flying in flying English-Spanish

me gusta/odio viajar en avión

she was new to selling/flying in new English-Spanish

vender/volar* era nuevo para ella

the history of flying in flying English-Spanish

la historia de la aviación

I have a phobia about snakes/flying in phobia English-Spanish

les tengo fobia a las serpientes/los aviones

to keep the flag flying in flag English-Spanish

mantener* las tradiciones de la patria

she sent everything flying in send English-Spanish

lo hizo saltar todo por los aires

I tripped and went flying in fly English-Spanish

tropecé y salí volando

he's shit-scared of flying in shit-scared English-Spanish

se caga de miedo si tiene que volar

there are alternatives to flying in alternative English-Spanish

volar no es la única forma de viajar

we were flying above the clouds in above English-Spanish

volábamos por encima de las nubes

he connected and sent him flying in connect English-Spanish

le dio un puñetazo que lo mandó por los aires

papers were flying in the wind in fly English-Spanish

había papeles volando por el aire

it sent the poor cyclist flying in fly English-Spanish

el pobre ciclista salió disparado por los aires

to go down with all flags flying in flag English-Spanish

caer* con las botas puestas, luchar valientemente hasta el final

he passed his exams with flying colors in color English-Spanish

le fue estupendamente en los exámenes

I'm going to Boston — are you flying? in fly English-Spanish

me voy a Boston — ¿vas en avión?

the ship was flying the Panamanian flag in fly English-Spanish

el barco llevaba bandera panameña

passers-by were hit by flying glass in hit English-Spanish

los transeúntes fueron alcanzados por trozos de cristal

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