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forced English-Spanish


forced entry English-Spanish

escalamiento masculine, allanamiento

forced marriage English-Spanish

matrimonio masculine forzado

forced/emergency landing in landing English-Spanish

aterrizaje forzoso/de emergencia

he forced the lid off in force English-Spanish

le sacó la tapa a la fuerza

events forced their hand in hand English-Spanish

los acontecimientos los obligaron a actuar

they were forced underground in underground English-Spanish

se vieron obligados a pasar a la clandestinidad

I am forced to admit that … in force English-Spanish

me veo obligado a admitir que …

we forced the enemy further back in back English-Spanish

obligamos al enemigo a retroceder

the enemy was o were forced back in enemy English-Spanish

el enemigo se vio obligado a retroceder

she was forced to eat her words in word English-Spanish

se tuvo que tragar lo que había dicho

it's been forced on us by management in force English-Spanish

la dirección nos lo ha impuesto

we were forced to put back to port in put English-Spanish

nos vimos forzados a volver al puerto

I was forced to don the role of critic in don English-Spanish

me vi obligado a asumir el papel de crítico

the decision was forced on us by events in force English-Spanish

los acontecimientos nos obligaron a tomar esa decisión

I didn't want to, but you forced my hand in hand English-Spanish

no quería hacerlo, pero no me dejaste otra salida

we will be forced to take legal action in legal English-Spanish

nos veremos obligados a poner el asunto en manos de nuestro(s) abogado(s)

the doctor forced a passage through the crowd in passage English-Spanish

el médico se abrió paso entre la gente

plummeting attendance forced many theaters to close in plummet English-Spanish

el brusco descenso de público obligó a cerrar a muchos teatros

they were forced to submit to military discipline in submit English-Spanish

los obligaron a someterse a la disciplina militar

swamped by debts, they were forced to sell up in swamp English-Spanish

agobiados por las deudas, se vieron obligados a vender

she was forced out of the race by engine trouble in force English-Spanish

se vio obligada a retirarse de la carrera por problemas de motor

we were forced to borrow heavily to meet our commitments in heavily English-Spanish

nos vimos obligados a contraer considerables deudas para hacer frente a nuestras obligaciones

I didn't want to take the money, but she forced it on me in force English-Spanish

yo no quería el dinero pero me obligó a aceptarlo

they were forced to come out into the open with their allegations in open English-Spanish

se vieron obligados a hacer públicas sus acusaciones