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gain English-Spanish

conseguir*, obtener*

weight gain English-Spanish

aumento masculine de peso

capital gain English-Spanish

plusvalía feminine

planning gain English-Spanish


to gain/lose ground in ground English-Spanish

ganar/perder* terreno

to gain weight in gain English-Spanish

aumentar de peso, engordar

to gain on oupon sb/sth English-Spanish

acortar las distancias con respecto a algn/algo

to gain currency in currency English-Spanish

extenderse*, ganar adeptos

to gain/lose favor in favor English-Spanish

ganar/perder* aceptación

a gain of 40% in gain English-Spanish

un aumento del 40%

the gain in time in gain English-Spanish

la economía de tiempo

to gain control of sth in control English-Spanish

hacerse* con el control de algo

to gain/have the floor in floor English-Spanish

obtener*/tener* (el uso de) la palabra

the gain in efficiency in gain English-Spanish

el aumento de eficiencia

to gather/gain/lose momentum in momentum English-Spanish

ir* adquiriendo/cobrar/perder* velocidad

their loss is our gain in gain English-Spanish

nosotros nos beneficiamos

to gain o win independence in independence English-Spanish

obtener* la independencia, independizarse*

to give sb/gain the vote in vote English-Spanish

conceder a algn/conseguir* el sufragio

to gain an insight into sth in insight English-Spanish

llegar* a comprender bien algo

to gain o increase (in) value in value English-Spanish

aumentar de valor, revalorizarse*

what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts in swing English-Spanish

lo que se pierde en una cosa se gana en la otra

how did the thieves gain access? in access English-Spanish

¿cómo entraron los ladrones?

to gain/lose on o by the exchange in exchange English-Spanish

salir* ganando/perdiendo con el cambio

what do you hope to gain by that? in hope English-Spanish

¿y qué esperas ganar con eso?

what does she stand to gain out of this? in stand English-Spanish

¿qué es lo que puede ganar con esto ?

this technology would rapidly gain traction in traction English-Spanish

esta tecnología ganaría terreno rápidamente

I managed to gain admittance to the meeting in admittance English-Spanish

logré que me permitieran entrar a la reunión

they are trying to gain the whip hand in the organization in whip hand English-Spanish

están intentando hacerse con el control de la organización