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hang English-Spanish


hang-up English-Spanish

complejo m, trauma m

hang-glide English-Spanish

volar* con ala delta

hang glider English-Spanish

ala f‡ delta, deslizador mMéx

hang in English-Spanish

seguir* adelante

hang on English-Spanish


hang out English-Spanish

tender*, colgar*

hang up English-Spanish

colgar*, cortar CS

hang about English-Spanish

→ hang around 1

hang back English-Spanish

he went to the door, but the others hung back

hang upon English-Spanish

→ hang on 2

hang around English-Spanish

there's no point in hanging around: they're not coming back

hang together English-Spanish

the story/plan doesn't hang together

hang in there! in hang English-Spanish

¡(sigue) adelante!, ¡persevera!

hang in there! in hang in English-Spanish

¡(sigue) adelante!, ¡persevera!

hang the expense! in expense English-Spanish

¡olvídate del dinero!

to hang one's hat in hat English-Spanish

tener* las cosas de uno

we'd better hang fire in fire English-Spanish

va a ser mejor que esperemos

to hang a left/right in hang English-Spanish

hacer* un giro a la izquierda/derecha

to hang tough on sth in hang English-Spanish

mantenerse* firme en algo

let it all hang out! in hang English-Spanish

¡suéltate la melena!

to hang sb out to dry in dry English-Spanish

abandonar a algn a su suerte

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