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hare English-Spanish

liebre feminine

hare in hare English-Spanish

liebre feminine

haré Spanish-English

→ hacer

hare-lip in harelip English-Spanish

labio masculine leporino

hare-lips in harelip English-Spanish

labio masculine leporino

hare-brained in harebrained English-Spanish

descabellado, disparatado

lo haré yo misma in mismo Spanish-English

I'll do it myself, I'll deal with it personally

to hare in/out/up/down in hare English-Spanish

entrar/salir/subir/bajar a la carrera

lo haré si me peta in petar Spanish-English

I'll do it if I feel like it

lo haré con sumo agrado in agrado Spanish-English

I'll gladly do it, I'd be only too glad to do it

haré lo que sea preciso in preciso Spanish-English

I will do whatever is necessary

lo haré lo antes posible in antes Spanish-English

I'll do it as soon as possible

haré lo que humanamente pueda in humanamente Spanish-English

I'll do everything I possibly can, I'll do everything within my power

no me agobies, dame tiempo y te lo haré in agobiar Spanish-English

don't keep on at me, give me time and I'll do it

voy a escribirle — deja, ya lo haré yo in hacer Spanish-English

I'm going to write to him — don't bother, I'll do it

haré lo que me pidas, siempre que sea legal in legal Spanish-English

I'll do whatever you ask, as long as it's within the law

claro que lo haré, máxime cuando eres tú la que me lo pides in máxime Spanish-English

of course I'll do it, especially as it's you who's asking