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have English-Spanish


must-have English-Spanish

que hay que tener

have-nots English-Spanish

the have-nots

have at English-Spanish


have in English-Spanish


have off English-Spanish

we had a week off (from) school because of the strike

have on English-Spanish

colocar*, poner*

have out English-Spanish

I've had a tooth out

have up English-Spanish


have away English-Spanish

→ have off 2 2

have back English-Spanish

can I have the ring back?

have around English-Spanish

a useful gadget to have around

to have BO in BO English-Spanish

tener* olor a transpiración, oler* a transpiración

have a go in go English-Spanish

prueba a ver, inténtalo

I have it! in have English-Spanish

¡ya lo tengo!, ¡ya está, ya está!

to have balls in ball English-Spanish

tener* los cojones, tenerlos* bien puestos

have a care! in care English-Spanish

¡tenga cuidado!

to have form in form English-Spanish

tener* antecedentes

to have heart in heart English-Spanish

tener* buen corazón

have a heart! in heart English-Spanish

¡no seas malo!, ¡ten compasión!

the have-nots in have-nots English-Spanish

los pobres, los desposeídos

have a guess! in guess English-Spanish

¡a ver si adivinas!

to have fun in fun English-Spanish

divertirse*, pasarlo

to have lunch in lunch English-Spanish

almorzar*, comer esp Esp, Méx

to have tea in tea English-Spanish

tomar el té, merendar*, tomar onces

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