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landscape English-Spanish

paisaje masculine

landscape artist English-Spanish

paisajista masculine and feminine

landscape gardener English-Spanish

jardinero, -ramasculine, feminine paisajista

landscape architect English-Spanish

arquitecto, -tamasculine, feminine paisajista

landscape gardening English-Spanish

paisajismo masculine

landscape painter in landscape English-Spanish

paisajista masculine and feminine

a landscape scarred by war in scar English-Spanish

un paisaje marcado por la guerra

a landscape bare of vegetation in bare English-Spanish

un paisaje desprovisto de vegetación

fog had obliterated the landscape in obliterate English-Spanish

la niebla había desdibujado el paisaje

lost in contemplation of the landscape in contemplation English-Spanish

ensimismado en la contemplación del paisaje

the landscape unrolled before our eyes in unroll English-Spanish

el paisaje se ofreció a nuestra vista

the effects of weathering on the landscape in weathering English-Spanish

la acción de los elementos en el paisaje

they were awed by the beauty of the landscape in awed English-Spanish

se sintieron sobrecogidos por la belleza del paisaje

her victory has changed the political landscape in landscape English-Spanish

su victoria ha cambiado el panorama político

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