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lead English-Spanish

to be in/hold the lead

lead on English-Spanish

lead on!

lead-in English-Spanish

introducción feminine(a algo)

lead-up English-Spanish

campaigning is intensifying in the lead-up to the election

lead off English-Spanish


lead-off English-Spanish

primero en turno, primero al bate

lead-free English-Spanish

sin plomo

lead pipe English-Spanish


red lead English-Spanish

minio masculine

lead pencil English-Spanish

lápiz masculine (de mina)

lead up to English-Spanish

preceder a

lead crystal English-Spanish

cristal masculineque contiene óxido de plomo y es muy preciado

lead poisoning English-Spanish


lead off English-Spanish


lead on English-Spanish

lead on!

lead up to English-Spanish

preceder a

extension lead in extension cord English-Spanish

extensión feminine, alargador masculine, alargadera feminine, alargue masculineRiver Plate area/Río de la Plata

to swing the lead in lead English-Spanish

poner* excusas para no trabajar

lead on! in lead English-Spanish

¡adelante! (¡te seguimos!)

lead on! in lead on English-Spanish

¡adelante! (¡te seguimos!)

to lead high in high English-Spanish

salir* con una carta alta

lead-in (to sth) English-Spanish

introducción feminine(a algo)

lead soldier in lead English-Spanish

soldadito masculine de plomo

to lead sb a merry dance in dance English-Spanish

darle* quebraderos de cabeza a algn

to lead sb by the nose in nose English-Spanish

tener* a algn agarrado por las narices, manejar a algn a su (

to give a lead in lead English-Spanish

dar* (el) ejemplo

to play the lead in lead English-Spanish

hacer* el papel principal, ser* el/la protagonista

lead the way! in lead English-Spanish

¡ve tú delante

North to lead in lead English-Spanish

el norte es mano

to lead sb astray in astray English-Spanish

pervertir*, llevar a algn por mal camino

to lead the field in lead English-Spanish

ir* en cabeza, llevar la delantera

lead-off runner in lead-off English-Spanish

primer, -mera masculine, feminine relevo

to regain the lead in regain English-Spanish

volver* a ponerse en cabeza

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