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pagan English-Spanish


pagan bien in pagar Spanish-English

they pay well, the pay's good

pagan sueldos de hambre in hambre Spanish-English

they pay starvation wages

los niños pagan media entrada in entrada Spanish-English

it's half-price for children, children pay half price

el mísero sueldo que me pagan in mísero Spanish-English

the miserable, the pittance they pay me

sus abuelos le pagan los estudios in pagar Spanish-English

his grandparents are paying for his education, his grandparents are putting him through college

pagan bien pero nos sacan la chicha in chicha Spanish-English

they pay well but they make you work for your money

no pagan mucho. Ahora, el trabajo es muy fácil in ahora Spanish-English

they don't pay very well. Mind you, it's very easy work

pagan una cuota módica por alimentación y hospedaje in cuota Spanish-English

they pay a modest amount for board and lodging

¡le pagan hasta el alquiler y todavía se queja! in todavía Spanish-English

they even pay his rent and he still complains!