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physical English-Spanish


physical abuse English-Spanish

malos tratos masculine plural

physical jerks English-Spanish

gimnasia feminine

physical chemistry English-Spanish

fisicoquímica feminine

physical education English-Spanish

educación feminine física

physical geography English-Spanish

geografía feminine física

physical therapist English-Spanish

→ physiotherapist

physical therapy English-Spanish

→ physiotherapy

(physical) fitness in fitness English-Spanish

(buena) forma, (buen) estado

physical examination in physical English-Spanish

reconocimiento masculine médico, chequeo masculine (médico)

physical/mental fatigue in fatigue English-Spanish

fatiga física/mental, cansancio físico/mental

it's very physical work in physical English-Spanish

es un trabajo que requiere mucho esfuerzo físico

he did not like physical contact in physical English-Spanish

no le gustaba el contacto físico

Latin people tend to be more physical in physical English-Spanish

los latinos recurren más al contacto físico para demostrar sus emociones

the attack left him a physical wreck in wreck English-Spanish

el ataque lo dejó hecho una ruina

my tiredness was less physical than mental in little English-Spanish

el cansancio que sentía era más bien mental que físico

the physical effects of alcohol consumption in physical English-Spanish

los efectos del alcohol en el organismo

a spiritual realm, transcending the physical universe in transcend English-Spanish

un reino espiritual, que trasciende el universo material

he threatened to get physical if we didn't pay him in physical English-Spanish

nos amenazó con recurrir a la fuerza física si no le pagábamos